Rocky Mountain Marshmallows® are a True American Tradition. The light and airy texture and unique flavor make American-style marshmallows distinctly different than marshmallows made elsewhere in the world. Rocky Mountain™ is the leading US marshmallow brand sold outside of the United states and comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Doumak is the leading exporter of America's finest marshmallows. American marshmallows are distinctive from marshmallows made anywhere else in the world. Real, American made marshmallows have a light, airy texture, a unique vanilla flavor, and toast perfectly over an open fire.

The classic American tradition with marshmallows is to toast them over a campfire or barbeque. There is nothing like a classic American made marshmallow with the outside toasted golden brown and the inside a gooey delight.

These soft, fluffy treats can be enjoyed in hot drinks, baking recipes and as a delicious, sweet snack. If you are looking for the great American marshmallow, look to Doumak, THE AMERICAN MARSHMALLOW COMPANY.

Doumak Inc makes only one product: MARSHMALLOWS. We have been manufacturing the world's best marshmallows since 1921. In the 1950's, Doumak's founding family invented the extrusion process of manufacturing marshmallows. This break through innovation allowed for the production of marshmallows in a fast, cost efficient manner. Doumak has 2 state of the art manufacturing facilities outside the Chicago, IL area. We are IFS certified and take pride in a safe, efficient manufacturing environment. Doumak's success can be attributed to making the best quality product, providing excellent service, and standing by our products.