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Rocky Mountain® Marshmallows are a true American tradition. The fluffy, light texture and unique flavor make American-style marshmallows distinctly different than marshmallows made elsewhere in the world. Rocky Mountain is the leading U.S. marshmallow brand sold outside of the United States. Our marshmallows come in a variety of sizes and flavors, to please every taste.

Real, American-made marshmallows have a light, airy texture, a unique vanilla flavor, and they roast perfectly over a glowing, open fire. Experts (kids and adults alike!) agree—American marshmallows are distinctive from marshmallows made anywhere else in the world, and they make for better eating enjoyment!

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Rocky Mountain

Mini White Marshmallows

They may be petite, but our mini white marshmallows deliver plenty of classic vanilla marshmallow flavor, just like their larger companions. Whether popped in your mouth, melted in your favorite recipe, or added to your yummy hot cocoa, the fun and fluffy sensation of these minis can’t be beat.

  • Classic vanilla marshmallow flavor
  • Available in 28g | 150g | 1kg packages
  • Great for baking and snacking, toppings for ice cream sundaes and hot beverages

Rocky Mountain

Classic Marshmallows

A true American tradition, our regular size marshmallows are the world’s finest roasting marshmallows. Whether over a campfire or a barbecue, Rocky Mountain marshmallows toast to a golden brown on the outside and melt into a gooey delight on the inside, for ultimate enjoyment!

  • Classic vanilla marshmallow flavor
  • Available in 150g | 300g 1kg packages
  • Great for snacking, roasting, recipes and…s’mores!

Rocky Mountain

Mega Marshmallows

The biggest marshmallows, with the best flavor in the world! Fluffy and full of fun, mega marshmallows are packed with classic marshmallow flavor. Enjoy them as is for a sizable snack or toasted over a fire for a huge treat.

  • Classic vanilla marshmallow flavor
  • Available in 340g | 790g packages
  • Great for roasting and giant s’mores!

Rocky Mountain

Mini Fruit Marshmallows

Make snack time even more fun, with a delicious rainbow of orange, lemon, strawberry and lime flavors in every bag. Kids love popping their favorite flavors—and colors!—in their mouths. Make the everyday a little more festive and fun, with mini fruity marshmallows.

  • Orange, lemon, strawberry and lime flavors
  • Available in 150g packages
  • Great for baking and snacking, ice cream toppings and party favors

Rocky Mountain

Regular Fruit Marshamllows

They are yummy roasted or enjoyed as a delicious, fruity snack—either way, our regular fruity marshmallows add some kick to your day. Eat your favorite flavor alone, or mix ‘em up for a fruit punch! Regular size fruity marshmallows are a mouthful of fun.

  • Orange, lemon, strawberry and lime flavors
  • Available in 150g | 300g | 1kg packages
  • Great for snacking, roasting and crafting

Rocky Mountain

Sweet & Sours Marshmallows

Our American Sweets Collection has something for everyone. Bite-size and full of flavor, our Sour & Fruity and Sweet & Fruity collections offer the best of both worlds! Tangy lemon and lime flavored marshmallows provide the citrus-y tartness for ‘sour’ lovers, while refreshing orange and strawberry flavors provide the yummy goodness for ‘sweet’ lovers. Buy ‘em both and mix things up a little!

  • Lemon Lime / Orange Strawberry
  • Available in 75g packages
  • Great for snacking, on-the-go treats

Rocky Mountain

Swirlers Marshmallows

Our swirly, twirly fruit flavored marshmallows are a fun-filled snack that’s sure to please.
With four fun ‘n’ fruity flavors—strawberry, orange, lemon and lime—in every bag, you can please all the kids, all the time!

  • Orange, lemon, strawberry and lime flavors
  • Available in 150g packages
  • Great for snacking and seasonal fun

Rocky Mountain

Ghostbusters Marshmallows

Slimer and Stay Puft Man provide the fun with these yummy Ghostbusters™ nostalgic treats. Big and little ‘kids’ alike are gonna fall for the classic vanilla flavor and fun character shapes. With two choices for snacking and treats, every gathering is twice as fun and has an extra helping of yum. Make your s’mores supernaturally delicious with Ghostbuster marshmallows!

  • Vanilla flavor
  • Available in 250g packages
  • Great for family movie night, kids’ theme parties and s’mores that are out of this world


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